Due to the Executive Order issued mandating that senior citizens and all individuals must remain inside their home, the Sunshine Bus Company is suspending their normal services effective immediately through May 31st.

For those Sunshine Bus riders requiring essential rides to work, medical appointments, pharmacies and grocery stores, we will continue to provide trips to essential destinations only for the community.

If you require transportation in order to obtain or provide essential services or conduct essential activities, we can register you for our door-to-door Paratransit services.

  1. Call either 904-209-3716 or 904-209-3710 to reach Customer Service. We will continue normal Sunshine Bus service hours Monday – Saturday.
  1. Inform us that you’d like to register for essential services, because you’re unable to use the Sunshine Bus. Note: Only trips deemed essential will be permissible at this time.
  1. Our Paratransit services are system based, so we will obtain the following information from you (if you’re not already registered in our system):
      1. First and Last Name
      2. Date of Birth (DOB)
      3. Home address
      4. Contact number
      5. Mobility
      6. Mobility Aids
  1. Please inform us if you’ve purchased Pass from the Sunshine Bus already, so we can waive the on-board fare. Note: The driver will utilize the same process to verify passes as they do for normal Sunshine Bus rides.
  1. We will inform you about the available drop-off and pick-up times for your zip code, and confirm the trip(s) with you.

We appreciate your understanding and patience during this time.


The Council on Aging’s Transportation Department offers a variety of mobility options, including public transportation, para-transit services and mobility resources and management. (Please see the information below) If you would like to check eligibility for services for the transportation disadvantaged, please access our intake form by clicking here.



The Sunshine Bus, St. Johns County’s public transportation service, operated in partnership with the St. Johns County Board of County Commissioners. Please call Sunshine Bus Manager George Hesson at (904) 209-3716 or visit the Sunshine Bus website here.


The COA transportation department offers mobility resources and information regarding  transportation services, direction on connecting with public transit networks throughout Northeast Florida, planning for driving retirement, travel training and driver safety courses.
Please call George Hesson at (904) 209-3716 for more information.


Paratransit services for residents who are transportation disadvantaged and/or are over 60 years of age. Please click here to access our eligibility form and call COA Transportation Services Manager Christy Sandy at (904) 209-3714 for more information.


Hybrid Design

Kerry Tustin (904) 814-7790, kerry@hybridstudios.net

Laura Smith (904) 540-4220, laura@hybridstudios.net





St. Augustine, FL (April 20, 2020) – Local marketing firm Hybrid Design was recently awarded a contract with St. Johns County to administer the county’s public transportation advertising program. Through the paratransit COA (Council on Aging) buses and the Sunshine Bus fixed route public transportation system, St. Johns County maintains a fleet of more than thirty vehicles to serve county residents with rides as far north as the Avenues Mall and as far south as DuPont Center. The new advertising program expands the bus advertising efforts that were currently in place and will generate significantly more revenue for the St. Johns County Council on Aging.


“Transit advertising is an extremely cost-effective and powerful medium for advertisers,” said Hybrid Design President and Founder Kerry Tustin. “When advertisers place their messages on these buses, they are essentially getting roaming billboards that are consistently visible to the thousands of locals and visitors on our roadways each day. Transit advertising is a growing trend both regionally and nationally. It offers exceptional visibility at lower costs than traditional billboards. We are thrilled to work with the county to maximize the use of its robust bus fleet and generate solid income for the Council on Aging.”


“We are very happy to work with Hybrid Design on this effort,” said Becky Yanni, Director of the Council on Aging. “I was delighted to learn that Hybrid had won the contract with the county. The advertising program will grow significantly under their administration, and the increased income we will see through new advertising contracts is coming at a very welcome time. This contract is good news.”


For information on advertising opportunities on St. Johns County COA or Sunshine buses, visit www.hybridstudios.net, write kerry@hybridstudios.net or laura@hybridstudios.net, or call (904) 814-7790 or (904) 540-4220.


About Hybrid Design

Founded in 2002 by Kerry Tustin, Hybrid Design has served satisfied clients in local, regional, and national markets for nearly two decades. The firm offers advertising, marketing, graphic design, digital media, and public relations. Hybrid Design also manages a large inventory of billboard and transit opportunities for advertisers to share their message with our county’s many residents and visitors. For more information, visit www.hybridstudios.net.

Florida’s Guide to Safe Mobility for Life

The Florida Department of Transportation’s Safe Mobility for Life Coalition has released
an updated guide to help older adults in Florida meet their personal mobility needs and
remain safe, independent, and active in their communities.

The guide helps older adults in Florida learn the keys to achieve Safe Mobility for Life
which are understand, be proactive, and plan:

• Understand the impact aging has on driving, changes in driving behavior, common
driving errors, and Florida’s driver license and ID card
• Be proactive about safe driving, walking, bicycling, motorcycling, and riding transit
skills and practices.
• Plan for your transportation future and life beyond the driver’s seat by learning how
to discover and use transportation options in your community.

Florida’s Guide to Safe Mobility for Life is an updated version of Florida’s Guide to Aging
Drivers, which was released in 2012. The newly revised and expanded guide has necessary
information all Floridians need to know as they age, as well as tips on how to drive safely
longer and how to remain active and independent after transitioning from driving.
The guide has information about community and statewide transportation resources,
safety tips, and rules for sharing the road to help drivers, walkers, bicyclists, transit riders,
and motorcyclists be proactive about their mobility. It also includes self-assessments and
worksheets to help learn how to plan for life beyond the driver’s seat.
To order Florida’s Guide to Safe Mobility for Life, visit fdot.tips/orderform.
Later this year, the Florida’s Guide to Safe Mobility for Life e-book will be available at