THE SUNSHINE CENTER – COA’s Therapeutic Adult Day Care Center


THE SUNSHINE CENTER, licensed by AHCA #9081, is COA’s therapeutic adult day care center in St. Augustine, Florida, offering adult care with a focus on assisting individuals with memory problems.

The Sunshine Center is one of just a handful of centers that are licensed to provide adult day care in St. Johns County. Participants here enjoy skilled care, nutritious meals, exercises, socialization, and activities all geared toward improving the lives of those dealing with memory loss, brain trauma, Alzheimer’s Disease or other forms of dementia. The center also offers a much-needed respite for caregivers.

We invite you to contact COA’s Paulette Kozlowski at (904) 209-3700 with any questions about memory loss, dementia, or adult day care; for more information about the Sunshine Center; or to schedule a tour.

When someone is affected by Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, it is a battle involving heartache for both caregiver and the person diagnosed. Sometimes, it can feel like nobody understands, or even cares. Both parties are overwhelmed, lonely, and don’t know where to turn.

This was how the story began for both Kay and Joyce. Kay admitted that the loneliness can bring her to tears sometimes. Joyce said that living alone can be a real challenge. All caregivers agree that there is nothing easy about what they do.

This is where the Council on Aging’s Sunshine Center can help. The Sunshine Center is a safe facility that allows people with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease to receive a full day of care with an array of cognitive and physical activities. Participants are given lunch, exercise, Bingo (Kay’s favorite!), pet therapy, music therapy, arts & crafts, haircuts and so much more.

“These people are my family, too,” said Kay. “I’m very comfortable here; very happy. It’s easy to make friends with good conversation and a smile.”

Companionship is an extremely vital part of the Sunshine Center. The Center provides the participants with a place to belong, which fights off loneliness, depression, and despair, and in turn improves the quality of life for an older adult. It validates that they are valued, needed, and important.

“I just like being here among friends,” Joyce chimed in. “I’m always ready to sing and play games. Coming here helps my daughter so she can take a break.”

Allowing a caregiver respite care is essential to this situation. More often than not, caregivers still need to work and may have children of their own to care for. This program allows for caregivers to be able to go to work, and be rest assured that their loved ones are safe. It also may allow them to go shopping for a few hours, or even go see a movie. Council on Aging also offers caregiver support groups and other caregiver resources, so they can get the support needed from peers experiencing many of the same issues and concerns.

Again this year, Island Doctors partnered with COA to support Sunshine Center. Island Doctors has several locations in St. Augustine: Moultrie Road, Anastasia Island, and Palencia. They are a reliable and faithful partner of Council on Aging. “Many of our patients participate and enjoy quality programs provided by the COA,” said the team at Island Doctors.

The Sunshine Center is open Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. and is licensed by AHCA #9081.  For more information, please call Council on Aging at 904-209-3700.

Read what our families say about the Sunshine Center:

What our families say:

“When my husband is at the Sunshine Center, I am totally confident that he is getting the best care possible –  this allows me to relax and enjoy my day worry-free. I can depend on the staff to give me feedback and advice on the care of my husband. I depend upon their expertise – I feel supported. The entire staff goes “above and beyond” – they are all incredible!”

“Having my loved one attend the Sunshine Center has GREATLY improved the quality of life for both my loved one and myself, the caregiver. My loved one gets the opportunity to be around others in a structured and safe environment. He gets the option to participate in activities and challenged mentally in the topics shared daily. He loves attending and always says he had a good day. For me, as the caregiver, the Sunshine Center and their amazing staff are a lifeline! I get time to myself to get things done or to take care of myself while knowing my loved one is in excellent hands. I am so grateful we found the Sunshine Center for my loved one to attend!!! I can’t imagine life without this wonderful place!!!”

“I am very happy with the adult day care, and so is my husband. The crew there are wonderful. They take very good care of him. I can leave him and not worry. I can go in peace knowing he is in good hands.”

“My loved one loves going to the Sunshine Center. He rushes out to get on the bus to go to the center. He would rather go there than stay at home with me. He enjoys being with people and this gives him the opportunity to interact with others, and it gives me time to do the things I need to do without taking him with me.”

“I’m able to not be stressed out and to take care of my health and to meet my needs as well as others in my family. My mom loves the program and it helps her in her life in so many ways. She feels independent, like she has a life too. We are very happy with all the staff there. They really care. Thank you so very much.”

“As the caregiver, the Sunshine Center gives me the time alone to get all important tasks done without hesitation, which in turn alleviates stress for me. I count on the Center for support because I don’t have any other support to help me with him. I’m his 24/7 and that gets hard!”

“The Sunshine Center has allowed me to comply with my employment requirements, which, in turn, gets me out of the house and interacting with other people my age for a few hours which is a nice break. Dad has gotten pretty sedentary at home, so the exercises and activities are good for him when he goes to “class.” And he has never made a negative remark towards anyone there. He truly likes the staff.”

“The Sunshine Center has been making an enormous difference in both our lives in a positive manner that is hard to explain. My husband has been involved in many fun and creative activities with other participants. Knowing that my husband is safe and taken care of at the center is particularly important to me, so I could plan my time and schedule my health appointments or give me time off to recharge. Thus, the center has provided me as a caregiver much needed respite time.

We are giving special thanks and recognition to the Sunshine Center staff and volunteers for providing such tender loving care to all participants and the St. Augustine community.”