Independent Living Expo A Great Success!

A big thank you to everyone who came to the Independent Living Expo at the River House this past Wednesday. Thanks to all of you the expo was a great success!

With over 20 different vendors present, everyone who attended got information packets, flyers, goodie bags, flu shots and those who qualified even got free telephones. It was an expo filled with fun, gifts, lots of information and prizes. Thanks to the vendors who donated prizes  for our raffle, nine lucky attendees who entered our free raffle became nine lucky winners. Congratulations to them!

Special thanks to all the vendors who came out and participated. Without them this expo would not have been possible.

Sheila Vidamour our Pole Walking instructor did a demonstration and explained all there is to know about Pole Walking and how it can improve your overall health. One of Vidamour’s students, Gerry Luckenbach shared her story about how her life has changed since she started Pole Walking.

At the end of the expo everyone who was present had a smile on their face. Thank you all for being there!

Stay tuned – photos from the expo are on the way!