Graham Nash talks about time and the “Golden Days”

Singer/songwriter Graham Nash chatted with Susan Johnson about creativity, the passing of time and the journey of aging. With a new album and a new tour and a new birthday…his 74th! … he hasn’t let time slow him down. According to Graham, and, as one of the new tunes on “This Path Tonight” clearly illustrates: “These are in fact, golden days.” Here’s more!

Susan: Is getting older what you thought it would be when you were younger?

Graham Nash: “Yes it is…I thought it would be like this…I understand the natural process of life and death, and I understand birth and the creative energy of teenagers and then growing up and then becoming a young adult and then perhaps getting married and having children of your own and then living your life. It’s very much like it. The thing I didn’t quite expect was the numbers of little pains that you get when you’re older that you don’t even notice when you’re younger.”

Susan: You don’t look like you have any aches and pains when you’re up on stage!

Graham Nash: “The truth is that when you walk out on stage you don’t. Music has this incredible ability to change the way you feel. And when you walk out onstage you’re invincible.”

Wouldn’t you like to feel that way about your creative path? Because let’s face it: that same philosophy could apply to anyone doing anything that they love! If you need some help discovering your talents, come on over to one of the COA community centers and experiment with a few artistic endeavors you might not have tried until now…discover your passion! COA can help!

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