NEW: Strengthen your brain and combat memory loss with IMEP™ AT HOME!

COA’s Integrative Memory Enhancement Program, IMEP™, is a dynamic and innovative response to memory loss. A structured, research-based program, IMEP integrates the mind, body, and brain connections to boost cognitive reserve and minimize the progression of memory loss or dementia. IMEP employs specific cognitive and physical exercises designed for seniors, and utilizes healing modalities that support overall brain and body function.

Now it is easier than ever to participate in this powerful program which addresses memory health, early memory loss and dementia with IMEP™ AT HOME!

For more information, visit our IMEP™ page by clicking here: https://www.coasjc.org/imepsjc/. Individuals and couples who would like to participate in IMEP™ AT HOME may contact Michele Sanchez at msanchez@coasjc.org or 904-209-3700.

To find out how your organization can implement IMEP™ at your facility and begin helping those experiencing early memory loss and dementia, visit www.imeprogram.com.