From IMEP creator Michelle Sanchez:

“Seeking memory services is often the first point of contact for community residents who are concerned about recent memory changes or impairments. For many people, the possibility of losing our memory becomes something we fear when we think about aging.  I wanted to find a way to effectively address those fears while providing strategies that could help maintain memory function. IMEP does just that.”

From Program Director Julie T:

Julie, who has renewed her agnecy’s IMEP subscription for the second year, is grateful that IMEP was the answer to a problem faced by the community her organization serves:

“IMEP was different from what was available.”

“We have set ourselves apart in the community as the place to go for folks concerned about memory issues.”

“We love that we are offering a quality program; our participants are happier and more engaged.”

“Content is provided for us which saves staff resources.”

From IMEP Participants:

Some of the benefits our participants experience with the program are:

Increased interest and engagement in daily life.

Enhanced sense of connection with others.

Relief to discover that they are not alone: that others in the community are struggling with similar challenges.

Empowerment and enhanced cognitive function from learning memory strategies and techniques.

Delight in making new friends and socializing.

An appreciation of the comfort of a group dynamic.

“I love the program and have been here since it started.  I have improved in all ways since being here.”

“It addresses my need for companionship and enhances my desire to try to be involved and work with others.  I’m not always doing things by myself anymore.”

“Because we’re in this together, we laugh and enjoy each other’s company.”

“I don’t know what I would have done without the COA Memory Enhancement classes.”

From Caregivers:

Caregivers consistently report feeling a sense of relief knowing that their loved one is engaged in and thoroughly enjoying the structure of IMEP – they can relax and make the most of their respite time!

“After just a few weeks, my mother had her beautiful smile back and was excited to share the events of her day with me.”

“When we finally admitted something was going on with my husband, we looked into every available option.  This memory program was exactly what we needed.”


For more information, please contact:

Kathy Cinney, IMEP Marketing Manager

904-729-9163 Email: kcinney@stjohnscoa.com