COA Executive Director Says

Rethink aging. That is a simple two-word phrase we hear quite often these days. And, why not? With 10,000 people turning 65 every day in the United States, aging is on many people’s minds- at least 10,000 people every day, I would say!

Aging is a process we are all involved in from the day we are born. But as we grow older, we are naturally more and more concerned about where we are in that process. Unfortunately ageism is rampant in our culture, and we have many myths, misconceptions, and preconceived ideas about how old people think, feel and act. So
what happens when we reach a certain age and we do not think, feel, or act as we thought an old person would? Why, we conclude that we must not be old! Well, hooray!

Wouldn’t it be better to reexamine those preconceived ideas about getting old? Wouldn’t it be even better to reevaluate the arbitrary chronological number we attach to the word ”old”? After all, ageism is simply prejudice against our future selves.
On the pages of Council on Aging’s new website, you will find many opportunities to maximize the stage of life you are in, wherever you are in the aging process. Here you will find support to maintain and expand independence, you will explore creative and interesting ways to optimize health for yourself and your loved ones, discover programs to enhance your memory and mental performance, and choose from a huge array of
classes and activities to help you grow, learn and thrive.

At COA, we provide these opportunities for you to create what aging well means to you.
We know there are as many ways to age as there are people who are aging. It’s an individual process. Through our five community senior centers, Lifelong Learning classes, a vibrant volunteer corps of over 700 committed individuals, Coastal Home Care, the Sunshine Bus System, therapeutic adult day care and eight Memory Enhancement Program locations, we provide avenues that allow you to rethink, and embrace, your personal
aging process.