IMEP is a structured, research-based program for people with early memory loss or suspected memory changes or impairments. This includes people who have early stage Alzheimer’s or other dementias, or memory loss from stroke, illness, or injury. IMEP is an ongoing class designed to boost cognitive reserve and minimize or decrease the progression of memory loss or dementia. IMEP is a turn-key solution for agencies and organizations seeking to address this urgent community need.

Through a comprehensive series of activities, education, and exercises, the program stimulates and activates diverse mental functions. It offers information about aging, strategies to improve mental abilities, and specific mental and physical exercises designed for seniors. Each IMEP class focuses on a different brain topic such as: flexible thinking, spatial orientation, reasoning, etc., and features activities and exercises that support that function.

IMEP focuses on addressing the mind/body connection of each individual. This is based on the scientific principle that the mind and emotions affect physical health and vice versa. The program utilizes various supportive modalities, such as: education, aromatherapy, guided relaxation, gentle stretching, diaphragmatic breathing exercises, chair exercise, mental agility exercises, and humor therapy, that influence overall brain and body functions.

IMEP is held in a supportive group setting with two facilitators in each location. Each group is limited to between ten and twelve participants in order to provide quality individualized attention. IMEP places an emphasis on being nonjudgmental and accepting of each and every individual and the varying challenges that they face. Maintaining a light-hearted atmosphere, and encouraging social interaction and authentic dialogue, helps participants feel connected and accepted. When participants are asked what they like best about the program, most state that they enjoy feeling connected and being part of a group.

We know from experience that this research-based program is dynamic and purposeful and provides a much needed service for people who are experiencing early memory loss, and for their caregivers.






For more information, please contact:

Kathy Cinney, IMEP Marketing Manager

904-729-9163  Email: kcinney@stjohnscoa.com